FAQ - Avasize

1 - What is Avasize?

Avasize is a free and confidential service that defines, with user’s measurements, the clothe size that corresponds to them according to the characteristics of each brand. Your data is strictly confidential. They belong to you and Avasize undertakes not to sell, assign or share in any form what so ever.

You can always, at any time, edit or delete them, deleted data are not retained.

You can also close your account when you wish. As well, your data is not and will never be visible to your relatives or our partners.

The purpose of Avasize is not to make the collection of data, but to help you in the selection of clothing sizes when shopping for yourself or your loved ones, online or in stores.

2 - How can I access my settings?

To access your settings, click on (Parameter picture) in the upper right corner of your screen and select Settings. You access the settings menu of your account:

General: The basic elements, like your name, your measurement and weight units.

Security: Managing security items, email, password, legatee contact, account transfer, account deactivation or removal of a person from loved one list.

Language: Select the language you want to use for Avaszie.

Notification: Manage notifications that appear on the Avasize « My Status » page and emails.

3 - What names are allowed on Avasize?

Avasize is a service that communicates with its partners. When using Avasize discounts, your delivery details (Name, surname and address) are transmitted to our partners to save time while shopping online.

These fields are already filled in; if you want to deliver your order to another address, you are free to modify the address. There is also a community where people communicate using their true identity. We ask everyone to use their authentic identities. We require everyone to provide the first and last names they use in everyday life so that you always know who you're connecting with.

This helps keep our community safe. Please don't add any of these to your name:

Other things to keep in mind:

4 - How can I change my email?

On Avasize, your email is your login. This means if you want to use another email, it must be a valid email.

If this email is not a valid email address, Avasize cannot send you your password in case of a forgotten password. If you want to change your email, go to Settings, Security, Email. Your email / login is already displayed in the field "your current email address." To verify that you are the owner of this account, fill-in the field "your current password."

Then, put the new email in the field "Your new email address" and clicking "Save".

5 - How to change my password?

Go to Settings, Security, and Password. To verify that you are the owner of this account, fill-in the field "your current password."

Then, set the new password in the field "your new password."

Confirm this password by typing the same password in the field "confirm new password" and clicking "Save".

6 - Who can add me as relative (friends or family)?

By default, anyone on Avasize can send you a link request as relative.

For that, a request is made by filling in your name, first name and email address. This allows two things:

You are free to accept or refuse.

Once your relative has accepted your link request you can define the type of relationship (family, friends, colleagues) by creating groups and renaming them as you wish.

You can also remove a relative from your list of loved ones. To do this, you must go to settings, security and remove a person from my list of loved ones. Select the person and validated.

7 - What is a legatee and how to create a legatee contact?

A legatee contact is a person you choose to manage your account after your death. This contact can close your account without your login and password.

At the request of your legatee to close your account, your information will be quarantined, if you are a victim of a bad joke, we can reactivate your information at your request.

8 - What is an account transfer and how to achieve it?

An account transfer is used to transmit on behalf of your child, an account which you created for the child when the child was too young to own the account.

Go to Settings, Security, and Account Transfer. Select the family member to whom you want to transfer the account.

Enter the email address of the new account holder in the "Email address of the new owner of the account".

Enter the password in the "Password the new owner of the account" and confirm it by retyping the same password in the "Confirm password".

Confirm account transfer by clicking "Save".

9 - How to deactivate my account?

By disabling your account, you delete your profile information (your name, your personal information, your measurements, your relationship with your family, the history of measurements of your children and your picture).

You will not be able to reconnect to your account, however, if you later decide to re-create an account, you should start the creative process from the beginning, with new measurements. You also need to recreate your network with your loved ones.

Avasize does not keep any information about you after the deactivating validation of your account.

10 - How to remove a person from my relative list?

Go to Settings, Security, remove a person from my list of relatives.

Select from the list to remove the person from your list. Confirm the removal of that person by clicking "Save".

11 - How to set the language I want to use for Avasize?

You have two solutions :

12 - How to set notifications of "My Status" page?

Go to Settings, Notifications, Avasize.

This takes you to the list of notifications that appear on your "My Status" page.



13 - How to set up email notifications?

Go to Settings, Notifications and Email.

This takes you to the list of notifications that you will receive :



14 - How to know what are the Avasize partners?

Go to the "My Preferences" page, you can see the list of our partners and click on them to select them as favorite brand. Avasize regularly adds new partners to offer you a wide choice of items and style or just because you like a brand.

15 - What I can do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on "Forgot password" on the page of the Avasize home. Fill in the email field and Avasize will send your password to your email address. The email address must be a valid email address that you used to connect to your Avasize account.