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Avasize is a start-up unique in its kind, aiming at revolutionizing the online clothing sector.

Our Findings

50% of online shoppers hesitate to purchase for fear of making a mistake with the size.

76% of the 18-24 year-olds simulate their purchases online before going into a store to validate the sizes.

Source: FashionNetwork

55% of returns are due to a size issue.

Impact on your business

Product return reduction

Well appreciated free returns generate significant costs : product care and repacking costs, refunds, return costs, etc...

Avasize is allowing your customers to buy garments using the right size which lead to a significant reduction of returns.

Conversion rate increase

It is very often difficult to determine the size of a clothe despite of various size guides.

Thanks to your customers measurements, Avasize is determining right size of the clothe that fits them well according to every brand specifities, eliminating every further fear from making the purchase.

Environmental dimension

Thanks to the free returns, customers do not hesitate to order several items of different sizes, leading to a growing number of trucks on the roads(carbon emission) and an increasing use of packaging (cardboard and plastic).

Avasize is offering you a signifant reduction of your environmental impact, thanks to the reduction of returns.

Our Solutions

Avasize module integration

and made to measure !

An easy and quick integration, compatible with the main ecommerce plateforms. The module look & feel can be customized on demand to fit your corporate identity guidelines.

Performance assessment

A dashboard dedicated to your sales performance indicators and Avasize module set-up.

Natural Peak technical garments are made from wood textile fibers, they follow complex and very precise size guidelines. The Avasize tool has allowed us to simplify and reassure our customers when choosing size, reduce our returns and hence our carbon footprint. Avasize now accounts for 25% of Natural Peak sales online and has also significantly increased our conversion rate

Brubeck is a designer and manufacturer of technical clothing of the highest quality requiring an accurate body-mapping for maximum efficiency. Avasize allowed us to bring that accuracy into the choice of clothing sizes. We noticed that customers who ordered using the Avasize product never requested a product return for a sizing issue. Avasize really allowed us to reduce our returns and increase our customer satisfaction.

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